Opole teachers can count on support during distance learning. The Municipal Education Support Center has set up special workshops for them for this purpose. Not only can they improve their skills, but they can also use the help of professionals in how to approach online learning.

This period of distance learning is difficult not only for students and parents but also for teachers. They have never had to contact a student over the Internet before. He was always face to face. This is why we want to help them – says Dr. Bronisawa Ogunovsky, director of Opole’s Local Education Support Center.

This support is not only technical, but also methodological. We want teachers to be able to adapt educational tasks to children’s abilities, keeping in mind the fact that they are learning on their own at home. It is true that they are supported by parents, but parents do not always have the appropriate competencies for their stage of education. We also show how to check the effectiveness of teaching and how to organize extracurricular activities and tests. We try to pass all of this on to them.

Educators who want to use the assistance can contact the local Education Support Center in Opole’s Powstańców Śląskich 19 at any time.

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