Lockheed U2 Dragon Lady They are reconnaissance aircraft built for the CIA, but they are also used by the US Air Force and NASA. Pilots have long mentioned that these machines are very skillful and extremely difficult to control in flight and landing.

A video shared by an Instagram user named Extreme Ross shows the amount of effort required to land this powerful machine properly.

I think I can talk about every U-2 pilot when I say that your first starting experience with an instructor is one that you will remember forever. Then there is the horror associated with the first landing, which is as difficult for beginners as it is for coaches, he says in a post shared on Instagram.

“No matter how many hours you fly, the Dragon Lady Flight Experience cannot be compared to any other machine. (…) Every flight tests your mental and physical ability – he adds.

U-2 aircraft reach speeds of 821 km / h and can fly at an altitude of 27,400 meters. Its wingspan exceeds 30 meters, and the machine has a length of 19 meters. Not surprisingly, landing on two wheels makes the plane difficult to maneuver.

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