Operation Zumbach 07
Photo: sec. Anna Jasińska-Pawlikowska, 12WBOT

At the request of the Minister of National Defense – Marius Puschachtak, on December 25 this year. A task force of 30 Polish soldiers flew from the Poznan-Krzysini airport. Soldiers were separated from the Provincial Defense Forces and Operations Forces. The purpose of the mission is to support the British border and medical services.

Thanks to the relief efforts of the soldiers, Polish truck drivers will soon be able to leave Great Britain. The scheduled deadline for implementing the tasks is December 27 this year, with the possibility of extending them, if necessary, for another two days.

The operation to support the Poles in the British Isles is called “ZUMBACH” – in memory of Jan Zumbach, commander of 303 Squadron.

Operation Zumbach 08
Thanks to the relief efforts of the soldiers, Polish truckers will sooner be able to leave the territory of Great Britain …

The task of the Polish soldiers, in cooperation with the Polish consular services, will be to provide support to the British border and medical services in the field of logistical security in food, water and coronavirus testing for drivers awaiting border checks in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
It was agreed to implement the aforementioned measures between the Ministries of National Defense in the two countries.
Of the 30 Polish personnel, up to 20 are soldiers of the Regional Defense Forces delegated from the 12th Wielkopolska Brigade to the TD. The rest are ground and special forces soldiers.
The soldiers took with them antigen tests, food, and personal protective equipment. The mission group consists of paramedics, soldiers qualified to take swabs and drivers.
A second task force is prepared with five additional medical and food teams within 6 hours ready to leave. The transportation of soldiers is ensured by the CASA C-295 Air Force crews.

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