Until mid-April, at Koneser in Warsaw, you can see the exhibition “The Art of Banksy”. Without restrictions. ”This is a good way to remember all of the most important works of a British street artist.

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It’s still impressive that for many years Banksy (he dealt with graffiti already in the 1990s) managed to remain anonymous. In the age of celebrities, now also in the time of social media, the street artist has never revealed his identity to the public, although he has achieved massive fame. And although you can fully experience his art in the place he was born, in the city, on the walls and walls, an exhibition of his work is a good way to replicate his work.

Today (12/02/2021) the exhibition “Banksy’s Art”. Without restrictions. “

In the area of ​​the complex, which previously housed a vodka factory, more than 100 works were collected by the British. Some are original, some are presented in the form of pictures, some in the form of prints, and also in large format, such as one of his most famous works, The Thrower. The gallery also includes the entrance to Dismaland, a fictional theme park, clearly referring to Disneyland, which Banksy created in 2015.

Photo: Jacek Wójcikowski / ArtOfBanksy

According to some sources, his real name is Robert Banks. According to others – Robin Banksy. She started graffiti at the age of 14. It is known that he lived in Bristol in the 1990s and later moved to London. Initially, he painted his drawings mainly in the streets of the capital of Great Britain, after which his works began to appear elsewhere in the world, often in keeping with the situation, including the political situation in a particular country.

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The sectional exhibition tells the story of Banksy’s work in general, as an activist, too.

Grafficiarz is involved in the struggle for human rights – he has commented on the situation in Syria or helped refugees. Last year, Banksy financed the purchase of a rescue ship for refugees in the Mediterranean. The unit is named Louise Michel. These pledges in the gallery are not informed by photos, but the clips displayed on the wall are made of screens.

Photo: Jacek Wójcikowski / ArtOfBanksy

Despite the fact that Banksy is not as radical in his actions as he was in his early years – his work has sold for millions of pounds, the later models that appear on the walls are no longer treated as acts of vandalism, but rather as a tourist attraction – in this gallery, I missed a step Simple behind the tires. Depart from the gallery polite format of the show. After all, it’s Banksy’s art – perverted, mocking consumerism and full of black humor.

Photo: Jacek Wójcikowski / ArtOfBanksy

The Art of Banksy exhibition. Borderless’ can be seen at Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw from February 12, 2021 to April 11, 2021.

You will find information on tickets on this link.

* Main picture: Photo: Jacek Wójcikowski / ArtOfBanksy