Donald Trump leaves office exactly the way he entered: he is disastrously ignorant of how his government and country operate.

You might think that after facing a historic pandemic for most of his final year in office, the unlucky and desperate Oval Office occupant has gained a bit of experience.

but not. Here we are on the verge of rolling out a new vaccine, and the soon-to-be former president can’t spin the job.

It’s as if this extraordinary victory for global science has overshadowed not only the novel coronavirus but also a lifetime of play by a small real estate developer with a big mouth.

Trump has run for the position as the successful businessman he played in The Apprentice. Run for re-election in the role of successful agent of the economy. So far, people who play political critics on television have claimed that Trump has some magical powers in theatrical productions that have kept the crowds mesmerized.

But apart from his incessant tweets, there was no theatrical or commercial genius at work. Trump has always relied on TV producers – Mark Burnett for NBC or Roger Ailes for Fox News – to make his performances almost coherent.

In his final days in the White House, the Trumpian metaphor for the CEO who runs the business-like White House has faded. Just like all those electoral lawsuits filed by him Elite Strike Force Part-time and full-time attorneys.

After he’s tossed billions of dollars in the so-called Operation Warp Speed, you might think our genius in the boardroom would protect every pollen drop in the safety box. If so, you would be wrong again.

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For some reason, this spacecraft has chosen Not to buy 100 million doses of the successful Pfizer vaccine, although the company introduced them by spring of next year. Traveling at a speed slower than the torsion speed, the United States will now have to wait until summer to receive more doses of the only vaccine with imminent approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

This is usually treated as a political disaster that will insult any elected official or policymaker. But long ago, this president suffered from a rare viral infection that led to chemical neutralization of any feeling of public shame or personal responsibility.

So he organized a “vaccination summit” with his supporters and his staff on Tuesday at the White House, where he signed an executive order trying to prevent all those vaccines from fleeing the country. Think of it as a vaccine wall running along the southern border of Trump’s brain.

“My administration provided a total of $ 14 billion to accelerate vaccine development and manufacture all the big candidates up front – long beforehand,” he said. “ As a result of this unprecedented investment, we are extremely proud that both Pfizer and Moderna have announced that their vaccines are approximately 95% effective, a number that no one would have expected to be able to reach, which far exceeds anything we really are – who would think Anyone “.

Not to mention, Trump’s predictions of the vaccine’s efficacy are clinically proven to be minuscule. It does not matter that Pfizer did not develop its vaccine with Funds From Operation Warp Speed. It doesn’t matter that both Pfizer and Moderna are Refusal To appear in the “Vaccine Summit”.

These are the last days of Trump and it is difficult to adjust our perceptions of normalcy after four years of Operation Mind Warp.

“But it was just unbelievable,” the commander continued – no Originator – from space power. It will eliminate the epidemic. It will eliminate the epidemic. We are working with other countries. As you can actually see by looking at your screen today, we are working closely with other countries as well to get vaccines to other countries. This is very important. We work with the world. We work with the world. We have great companies, and we work with the world. “

Without skipping the beat or triggering a single synapse, Trump went on to explain the executive order he was about to sign to make sure vaccines do not reach other countries. Damn the rest of the world.

“In a few minutes, I will sign an Executive Order to ensure that the United States government prioritizes getting out of the vaccine to American citizens before sending it to other countries.”

In real time, these types of power disturbances are easy to miss. But there were some giveaways earlier on Tuesday that all parts of Trump’s ship may not have been traveling at the speed of light. Or even the sound.

For starters, the chief science advisor for Operation Warp Speed ​​told ABC News that he had no clue about the executive order. Moncef Al-Salawi said: “Frankly, I do not know, and frankly I will remain outside this topic.” “I cannot comment.”

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“you do not know?” Requested George Stephanopoulos, frankly skeptical.

“I really don’t know,” said the chief science advisor.

Shortly thereafter, a statement came out not from anyone associated with healthcare or vaccinations, but from Trump’s national security advisor, Robert O’Brien.

He wrote: “President Trump has no higher priority than defending our nation, and in taking this action, he guarantees the health of our citizens, strengthens our economy, and strengthens our national security.” “Today’s action was only possible with the strong and decisive leadership of President Trump.”

How true. There was strong and decisive leadership that promised that the epidemic would disappear like a miracle. There was strong and decisive leadership that suggested the nation should either inject itself with bleach or shine a bright light on the virus.

And now there is strong and decisive leadership that has spent $ 14 billion on inadequate vaccines. It is the same strong and decisive leadership that tried to cover up the colossal rooster with an executive order that screams America first while the rest of the world bought first.

Say what you like about the captain on the bridge, but he boldly advances where no boss has gone before.