This awesome hit was performed by Phil Collins many times while casting for entertainment shows. I’m talking about the widget “against all odds” that It is the title song from the movie “Against All”. participant “American Talents” Matt Mauser dedicated his letter to his wife, who was killed in a helicopter crash. See how you treat!

Phil Collins, one of the most successful musicians of his generation, with the most singles on the list The UK’s top 40 More than any other artist, he appeared on the music scene first as a drummer, then as a bandleader origin. His solo career began in 1981, when he released an album face value, containing such a blow as “In the air Tonight”.

How well do you know Phil Collins? [QUIZ]

His solo career has brought him countless hits. For example, but not limited to: songs that ranked first Great Britain. “Another night”, “A separate life”, “Two hearts”, “Another day in heaven”, “I hope it rains”, “Both sides of the story”,dance Into The Light” was a huge success all over the world and achieved #1 in the USA.

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