Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean that was a colony of Great Britain for hundreds of years. The British ruled there from 1627. Everything changed in 1966, when he managed to gain independence, but not completely. However, Queen Elizabeth II, as a constitutional monarchy, remained at the head of state.

Everything will change on November 30 – then Barbados will break up the personal unit and the country will become a republic. Already in 2020, the country has marked its way to becoming a republic, and this moment is approaching.

Queen Elizabeth II will lose one of her kingdoms. The first such case in nearly 30 years

It is already known who will replace Elizabeth II as head of state – Sandra Mason, the current Governor-General of Barbados, elected by Parliament, will become President of Barbados. On November 30, 2021, Mason will be sworn in as the first president of Barbados. Even the date is not accidental – Barbados will declare itself a republic 55 years after declaring its independence.

This separation from Great Britain would be the first such case in nearly 30 years. In 1992, Mauritius broke the personal union and became a republic.

The British monarch, in this case, Queen Elizabeth II, remains the head of countries such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand (there are 15 countries other than Great Britain, represented by the Queen’s Governor-General).

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