The Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship, Andrzej Buła, warmly invites residents of the county as well as local governments, associations, foundations, investors and designers to participate in the thirteenth edition of the Best Public Space for the Opolskie Voivodeship Competition.

The purpose of the competition is to promote good models for the development of public spaces in cities and villages by rewarding the best applications in the field of spatial system formation, and to contribute to a better life for the inhabitants of our region

As part of this year’s competition, projects were completed by 06/30/2022. In the public space of cities and villages of the Opolsky Prefecture, including, on the development of public squares, streets, parks, recreation areas, public buildings or degraded areas for public purposes.

We are waiting for orders by August 30 this year. The evaluation will be carried out by the Competition Committee based on the criteria specified in the Competition Regulations.

pre-existing October Residents of the Opol region will be able to choose their preferred investment as part of the online vote for the best public space in the Opolsky Prefecture 2022. The list of projects selected for voting will be published by Internet users at the beginning of October this year, on the website

Contest results announced! November of this year, During the award ceremony.

The main prize, called the Marshal Prize of the Opolskie Voivodeship, will be awarded to the investor with the highest-rated competition application. In addition, the jury may grant privileges.

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The main prize and awards are given in two categories: public space and utility facility.

This year’s competition schedule:

Announcing the competition: June of this year
Contest entry: for August 30 this year.
Formal evaluation of applications: September this year.
Evaluation of applications on merit (selection board work): September – October of this year
Online voting: October of this year
Separation of the competition and announcement of results: November of this year