A more suitable maneuver for a fighter aircraft at the 2022 Farnborough International Air Show than a large machine that can carry hundreds of passengers on board. The new Boeing 777-9 began to climb almost vertically immediately after takeoff.

There were no passengers on board the plane flying during the show, but such a maneuver, which was performed by a heavy passenger plane, deserves recognition.

The new Boeing

The Boeing 777-9, presented at the Farnborough International Airshow 2022, is one of the versions of the new 777X series. The twin-engine wide-body aircraft accommodates 426 passengers, and has a maximum range of 13,500 km. The first delivery of this model is scheduled for 2025.

Boeing problem

The success, which was the introduction of the new aircraft, would certainly be beneficial to the aviation giant in Chicago. The Boeing name has been associated with trouble in recent months. From a 737 Max crash, to an administrative change, a pandemic, to multiple glitches and manufacturing errors, and a lengthy Max certification that has been waiting for more than 20 months, to problems with the Starliner space capsule.

According to Boeing’s boss in an interview with Aviation Week, the company may have to completely abandon the 737 Max 10 project, the larger version of the model that has caused the biggest image problems in recent years.

Dave Calhoun believes that unless the US Congress changes regulations, the company will have to completely abandon production of the largest brand of the best-selling series. Thus, the head of Boeing has imposed a lot of pressure on Congress, as the US authorities have been trying for years to act in such a way that their main concerns against its European competitor – Airbus are not hindered.

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