A team of divers try to determine the source of the oil spill after Hurricane Ida in the Gulf of Mexico near Port Fortune, Louisiana. The US Coast Guard said satellite imagery showed miles and miles of oil drifting east, about 19 kilometers off the Gulf Coast.

Satellite images monitored by the team USCG Maritime Safety It showed that it stretched for several kilometers The oil slick drifts east, About 19 km from the Gulf coast.

When divers identify the source of the leak, attempts will be made to reduce its impact on the environment, and treatments are currently underway. To prevent the oil slick from spreading over a larger area – I mentioned a private company Clean Gulf Associatesthat are set to locate leak sources.

Reuters He mentions that on Thursday US Environmental Protection Agency knowing that special airplane has been sent from TexasTo find out the location of the oil spill that was first announced on Wednesday News agency.

Ida hit Louisiana last Sunday. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the catastrophic torrential rains caused by the typhoon hit Northeastern USA, including the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

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It caused a hurricane Damage to oil installations, possibly at the refinery, which could lead to higher gasoline prices and exacerbate inflation. Ida hit the Gulf Coast exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina.

Last Sunday it was rolling with the wind about 150 miles per hour, which means it was Fifth most powerful hurricanethat hit the continental United States.