The problems regarding where UEFA would be able to hold the UEFA Champions League Final this season have persisted for a very long time. Istanbul got the final this year because the coronavirus epidemic was unsuccessful in organizing it there last season. Then it was transferred to Portugal, specifically Lisbon. Now a very similar scenario is a reality.

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Officially: the Champions League final move to Porto!

As we approached the Champions League Final every day, it was facing more and more problems. One of the main factors was the introduction of a complete lockdown in Turkey due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections. At the time, the British government proposed to hold a final at Wembley, London, but the European Football Association (UEFA) did not agree to this proposal. According to the media, the case was to waive the quarantine rules to “two thousand employees, sponsors, VIPs and foreigners. Media.”

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The situation in Turkey means that the British government has placed the country on the Red List of countries to which leaving means that after your return you must be subject to mandatory quarantine. The exemption will not apply to anyone, not even players playing a match at Istanbul Stadium. Therefore, UEFA had to change the location of the Champions League final.

We know the referees of the Champions League and European League finals.  Paweł Gil in the castWe know the referees of the Champions League and European League finals. Paweł Gil in the cast

Then, among the potential locations outside Great Britain, Portugal appeared, just like last year, but this time Estadio Do Dragao in Porto was announced by Sky Sports TV. UEFA has already officially announced that the match will be moved to this stadium.

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In addition, the announcement included information that 20,000 people would be present at the facility during the meeting. The participants. That means 6000. Tickets for fans of each club. At the same time, Alexander Ceferin, President of UEFA, announced that he would make efforts so that Istanbul could organize the European Cup final in the near future, once Turkey took over the situation related to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Champions League Cup.Neither Istanbul nor London. UEFA changes the location of the UEFA Champions League Final

We would like to remind you that two English teams will play in this year’s UEFA Champions League Final – Chelsea, who defeated Real Madrid in the semi-finals and Manchester City, who kicked PSG from the tournament. The meeting is scheduled to start on May 29 at 21:00.