The Life and Family Center launched another initiative in the field of multimedia. After numerous campaigns and social petitions, the foundation launched a new information portal dedicated to protecting life and family – The portal symbolically opened its official activity on May 13, 2021, on the 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

The Prime Minister on strengthening the role of the family in social life

Prime Minister Matthews Morawiecki said Poland wants to further enhance the role of the family in social life. It was announced that in a few days at …

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In recent years, we have witnessed an amazing increase in the importance of virtual space in our daily life. Especially in recent months, when navigation has become a move to a room with an office, and going shopping by opening a new tab in the browser. For this The Internet has become a battleground for the most important values. Hence the initiative to create a portal that provides content useful in building a family life in addition to warning about various threats, including ideological ones – says Bowie Ozduba, head of the Life and Family Center.

The name of the new portal is not a coincidence. Marches for Life and Family have been passing through cities all over Poland for several years. They are a powerful voice for protecting the right to life and family privileges. should be run in this spirit. The portal will also be a place to exchange ideas and opinions, as well as a space to build a community that identifies itself with marches for life and family.

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The portal was created by a team of journalists

The initiators confirm that the portal has been created and will be created by a team of professional journalists who have them Huge experience. will also be a place where video interviews and other multimedia products will appear regularly.

The portal has its official activities symbolically It opened on May 13, 2021, the 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II – A great life protector and family advocate.

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