505 Games is not wasting time and the publisher has just announced Ghostrunner 2. The Polish studio will again be in charge of production, but this time the game is aimed exclusively at new consoles and computers. Get to know the details.

Earlier, we mentioned that Ghostrunner was warmly received by the players I As a result, the IP was purchased by 505 Games. We can make sure that the first batch will be further developed (Until specific plans were announced) But The publisher has now revealed Ghostrunner 2.

Production will be developed again by One More Level, but this time Ghostrunner 2 will not make its debut on previous generation consoles. Developers should focus on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC this time. The initial budget for the project is 5 million euros.

505 Games has also confirmed this Ghostrunner has sold more than 600,000 copies The publisher reminded of the next-generation release of the game. At the end of the year, the item will receive a version dedicated to PS5 and XSX | S.

At the moment, there is no doubt about any launch date, because even if One More Level actually developed the project, the developers definitely need several months in order to be able to implement the proposal. Now, however, the studio will be able to go crazy using the full potential of new Sony and Microsoft hardware.