He was buried in outer space, a nautical funeral, a motor funeral as well as a Mundi capsule. These are increasingly common forms of burial, replacing traditional funerals. More and more funeral home owners are opening up to new forms of burial. Are these forms of funerals likely to be adopted in our country as well?

The way we want to bury the dead is often a result of our beliefs, beliefs, our view of the world, or the deceased’s last will. However, not everyone wants a traditional burial, and this is another step toward the grotesque funerals that funeral directors are open to.

Until recently, cremation sparked a lot of controversy. Now we use this form of burial more and more. Crematoriums are located in most Polish cities. In the province of Silesia itself, there are already several of them, including in Ruda Aleska, Gori, Bitum, Chorzo, Czestochowa, Dubruva Gornicza and Katowice.

The body of the deceased is prepared for cremation in the same way as a traditional burial. The deceased may wear clothes prepared by the family or be wrapped in a shroud. The burning process itself takes two hours.

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