Due to virus mutations, the German health and epidemiological authorities consider Great Britain to be one of the most dangerous regions (the Czech Republic and Tyrol are also on this list). All people returning to Germany from there must be subject to the most stringent quarantine option: 14 days, without the possibility of default. Usually, arrival from a high-risk country to Germany is associated with a ten-day quarantine, with the possibility of shortening it with a negative test performed five days after arrival. People coming from Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Tyrol and other regions threatened by virus mutations are not eligible for this default. Krzysztof Piątkowi is threatened with a 14-day quarantine after assembling the Polish national team if he goes with the national team to the match on March 31 in Wembley, which is why Hertha Berlin does not agree to the departure of the striker!

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Souza’s army over England, Hungary and Andorra [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #81]

“We will prevent our players from going to international matches that are held in areas at risk of the virus, because they will include 14 days of quarantine,” the newspaper “Kicker” quoted Arne Friedrich, Director of Sports at Herta, as saying.

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Before the Polish team travels to London, there will be two matches in March, because it will start next year’s World Cup qualifiers in Qatar with matches with Hungary (March 25 in Budapest) and Andorra (March 28 in Warsaw), in which Piątek will be able to play.

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What about Lewandowski?

But Pio’s absence is not the only sad news for coach Paulo Sousa, who Robert Lewandowski is likely not at his disposal with England.

David Alaba will not go to Scotland. The same applies to Robert Lewandowski, if the current restrictions on people returning from England do not change. But we are still in contact with the Polish Football Association and we’ll see what he will look like in the coming days – Bayern Munich sporting director Hassan Salih Hamidic said at Friday’s conference.

Hertha Berlin’s Problems

Hertha Berlin was supposed to fight for the European Cups, but at the same time he is defending himself against relegation. Krzysztof Piątek won only 1 out of 11 matches. He will face Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday.