Cyberpunk 2077 should have started patch 1.20 last month, however Developers due to a hacking attack Need more time. The studio has just published a story gathering the first details of the update – in addition, the news was featured on video.

Initially, CD Projekt RED confirmed that it decided to upgrade the NCPD Rapid Response Unit. The police must now act better to ensure players can be sure that typical chaos cannot happen on the streets of Night City. This is how the studio describes the situation:

“This is an important step towards correcting police behavior in our game. The changes should help solve the problem of NPCs appearing behind the characters’ backs and create the impression that the police will take some time to get to the scene when someone reports a crime. We also added a reconnaissance drone.” To give players the feeling that the police are monitoring and analyzing the situation on a regular basis. ” – Patrick, Senior Game Designer and Łukasz, Chief Art Designer, CD PROJEKT RED.

In Cyberpunk 2077, the steering system will also be significantly modernized, so players have more control over the vehicle – so those interested can customize the steering sensitivity.

“By analyzing feedback on our driving model, we found that players have the most steering speed issues. Most of the complaints came from computer keyboard players and players whose platforms were having trouble running, and they focused on how difficult it was to keep cars on the right track.

We have now added a Control Sensitivity slider in the options menu. It allows you to slow down the steering speed for all vehicles and with all input devices without affecting the maximum steering angle.

Cars were challenging to drive, especially when game performance declined. The reason was the game code, which was not able to handle sudden fluctuations in FPS. Currently, the control speed should work the same way in the range from 20 to over 60 fps.

Finally, we looked at individual cars, including the hey archer, and fixed the issues that made the vehicles feel so blunt when gameplay was slower. – Séamus, Senior AV Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED.

CD Projekt RED has also taken care of the vehicle unlock system, which may malfunction in some situations. Now, however, the unlock function will be set up – the situation was introduced by the studio representative:

“In certain situations, our car can get stuck or crash in some elements around the night city. We have now added a feature to unlock the car that is triggered when you try to accelerate but not move. By pressing the accelerator pedal, you can move the car back and forth or turn left / Right. ” – Séamus, Senior Vehicle Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED.

The developers also dealt with the problem of “traffic joints”, that is, in simple words – the studio responsible for Cyberpunk 2077 decided to take care of the possibility of changing the functions of the buttons or simply the creators will allow you to turn off the shuffle by pressing one of the directions twice:

Double pressing of the Shuffle shift switch can be turned off in the control settings. You can still dodge by pressing the Shuffle toggle switch twice (“C” by default).

It is now also possible to transfer WSAD controls to controls using other switches. We still face some issues with specific procedures that need to be resolved in future updates. – Wojtek, Tool Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED.

The situation is amazing because CD Projekt RED in the form of … A report from Night City reveals the first changes to be introduced by Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.20. We don’t know when the patch will be released yet and we haven’t received a complete list of changes, but the authors focused on four topics.

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