Pyongyang does not comment on this, and the black spot on the dictator’s back in some photos was covered with a bandage or plaster.

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The mysterious “disappearance” of Kim Jong-un raises many questions: where was the dictator of North Korea and what else do we not know?

Kim Dzong Un in pictures. It is not known where the stain on his back came from

Impact on the back of the commander’s head korea night Visibly seen in photographs of military ceremonies that took place July 24-27, and in footage of the Veterans Conference and related events that took place July 27-29. The cause of the spot on the back of Kim’s head is unknown and difficult to diagnose from photographs alone.

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Comparative photos and videos, in turn, come from the end of June, when cameras recorded a speech by Kim Jong-un at a meeting of the Politburo of the North Korean Communist Party. From the recordings, it can be concluded that there are no signs of surgical intervention near the dictator’s head, writes.

North Korea. The media wrote about Kim Jong Un’s health in May 2020

The first rumors of the dictator’s deteriorating health appeared in May 2020, when he experienced a significant weight loss. At the time, public television claimed the nation was concerned about his character.

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Father’s guesses. illness The dictator also appeared in 2020 when Kim He did not appear in the birthday celebrations of his grandfather and founder of the “Kim Dynasty” in North Korea – Kim Elsina. Then it was reported that Kim Jong Un will undergo heart surgery. Even footage was broadcast in which a citizen expressed concern about the leader’s sudden weight loss.

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The registration issue was commented on by Kwak Gil Sub, president of One Korea Center, a website specializing in North Korean affairs. – System Pyongyang She will never allow negative news to spread about Kim Jong Un. The video is supposed to show that he is loyal to his people. Kim Jong Un uses himself as a program Propaganda to emphasize the image of a leader who works hard for his people day and night – he said.