Reuters quoted Korean state media as saying such words at a workers’ party conference in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un noted that the main objective of North Korea’s foreign policy would be “the occupation of the United States.” “The United States is our staunch enemy and the main obstacle to our development,” the leader said.

Kim added: “Regardless of who holds power in the United States, the true nature of the United States and its policy towards North Korea will never change.” The politician also announced a plan to strengthen the country’s defense. While no word has been mentioned about nuclear missiles, experts believe that this is what the regime’s leader means.

Kim Jong Un pledged to reliably protect the security of the state, the citizens and the peaceful atmosphere by raising the country’s defense to a much higher level – the Korean News Agency reported.

So far, the US State Department has not responded to these words.

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It should be noted that Kim Jong Un met in 2018 with the 45th US President Donald Trump. Trump himself claimed that he had “developed a good relationship with Kim.”

However, the sticking point between North Korea and the United States is the issue of nuclear negotiations. During the 2019 summit in Hanoi, no agreement was reached on North Korea’s denuclearization and possible economic sanctions relief.