As expected, we have already learned the skills Vi.

Viego is officially a new character coming to League of Legends. According to preliminary information, the premiere has been set for Cycle 11.2, so you can expect Vi to arrive at Summoner’s Rift sometime around January 21.

Almost all previous information has been confirmed. Once again, Riot failed to keep a secret until the hero was officially revealed.

Viego – divorce

Negative – the dominance of the sovereign

Viego can briefly take over the body of an enemy hero that helped kill him, while recovering for a percentage of his maximum health. While taking over someone else’s body, Vi uses items, attacks, and abilities (except for what he ultimately has) from his slain enemy, and gains a free use of the Ultimate Heartbreak. While using someone else’s body, Vi also gains additional movement speed if he moves towards enemy heroes.

Q – We reach the Destroyer King

negatively: Vi attacks deal damage equal to a percentage of the target’s current health in addition to the inflicted damage. When Viego attacks an enemy that has struck him with ability, the attack is double. The second hit, instead of doing normal damage, drains the target’s HP, applies effects to the hit, and a critical hit is possible. This negative effect also works when using an enemy body.

use: Pushes Viego forward with his sword, inflicting damage to all enemies.

W – Ghostly Mao

Viego accumulates fog, then rushes forward and hurts it, striking and striking the enemy’s first blow. The stun time and fog burst range increase with recharge time, and the damage inflicted and burst distance remain the same.

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E – the path of terror

Viego spreads a cloud of black mist around the adjacent wall. While in fog, the Viego gain camouflage as well as attack speed and movement speed.

R – Heartbreaker

Viego leaves his body and remotely turns forward, attacking an enemy with the lowest HP in range, and dealing extra damage based on his lost health. All other enemies within range are expelled.