Later this week, we’ll be seeing a new Dead Space remake. The creators will showcase a renewed adventure targeting the current generation of consoles and PCs. This will be the last offer.

Dead Space Remake was officially announced last year and so far we can see a special broadcast in which the developers talked about the production process. Today we can confirm it On March 11, 19:00, the second and final presentation will be held – The creators want to reveal the secret and prepare players for the updated horror game.

“Motive’s latest series of demos invites you to get an early look at the game development process and what the remake consists of.”

It is very likely that in the next step, the developers will focus only on displaying certain materials – trailers and parts of the gameplay.

Currently, we do not know the details of the premiere, but according to rumors, Dead Space Remake will debut in the fall of 2022. If the situation does not change compared to last year, EA may already have published the following films, and the publisher should confirm the release date and prepare players for the first appearance in the title.

Dead Space Remake is one of Electronic Arts’ solid games to debut in the coming months – and the company will also introduce Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2. The new adventure from the Star Wars universe will premiere in May.