Avowed is probably one of the most anticipated games that we still know relatively little about. The title will be released exclusively on Microsoft devices (Xbox and PC), and Obsidian Entertainment is responsible for it, adding more resonance to everything and making everyone curious as to what can be created there. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for specific offers…

Not to mention the premiere, which is expected to take place at the beginning of 2023. How will it be? We’ll just find out. However, to warm up expectations a little, it is worth noting the recent discovery made by many Internet users. employment LinkedIn profileWhich belongs to an Obsidian Entertainment employee, reported Currently running on Unreal Engine 5!

This coincides with similar reports earlier this year, when several developers suddenly reported in droves that they were working on the Unreal Engine. This is, of course, great news and an indication that the next generation project is being developed using the latest technology from Epica. Let’s hope it makes a big impact on the visual aspect of the project, And we’ll have a title that proudly represents the other business, exclusive to Microsoft. Are you waiting?

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