Horowitz is set to lead creative work on three brand-new works أعمال Stories About Sherlock Holmes.

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Audio books about Sherlock Holmes. premiere next year

Working with the Conan Doyle Estate guarantees him access to extensive knowledge and experts in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s heritage. “These stories will show Sherlock Holmes from a whole new perspective, and while remaining true to the spirit of the books I love, they will advance Conan Doyle’s stories and vision in many unexpected ways,” says writer and screenwriter.

Horowitz is one of the UK’s most diverse and prolific authors, and his Alex Rider series of books have sold around 20 million copies worldwide. His portfolio consists of more than 40 books, including new stories with Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, as well as award-winning TV series such as “Midsomer Murders” and “Detective Foyle”. best seller powieæ “The Magpie Murders” will soon appear on the screens. In August, the third volume of the Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery series, in which Horowitz himself is involved in the investigations into the murders, goes on sale.

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As we grew up, we were constantly reminded of Uncle Arthur’s extraordinary passion for storytelling childrenAs his mother told him. From this love of history, the characters and plots he created were born, which gained worldwide fame. Richard Doyle of The Conan Doyle Estate said, “It is our task as heirs to Sir Arthur to expand and develop the worlds he created far beyond the original stories.”

The audio story is scheduled to debut in all Storytel markets from spring 2022. Talks with publishing partners and negotiations over film and television adaptations are ongoing.