Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly one of the most famous women in the world and a huge inspiration to millions. Now the actress has decided to go back to different stages in her career and show off her different hairstyles. See how it has changed.

Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston isn’t from a wealthy family, and as a teenager she envied the Upper East Side girls for their fabulous hairdos and styling. And her acting career also did not go according to her plan, until she was invited to participate in the casting of “Friends”. Interestingly, she was supposed to be auditioned for the role of Monica, but after taking a look at the script, she mentioned that she wanted to be Rachel. She did not sympathize with this character, but reminded her of the girls whom she had previously envied for wealth and appearance. She wanted to be in their place and eventually succeeded.

Through her role, Aniston became a real fashionista. The most popular were her hairstyles, which changed with each season. In 1997, “Rachel’s haircut” took over the world. A 2010 British study by the hairdressing company Goody found that In Great Britain alone, about 11 million women have chosen this distinctive haircut style. What’s more – salon customers still ask about this hairstyle most often. The scale of this phenomenon was enormous all over the world. Jennifer herself initially loved this hairstyle, but later hated it.

– I got that hairstyle and said, “Wow, that’s cool” and then I was left alone with that curly mop on my head. I had no idea how to do what the barber did. Rachel’s hairstyle took a lot of work. I cursed the hairdresser whenever I had to blow dry my hair. Left to myself, Jennifer Aniston has said in interviews, I can’t use a hairbrush and dryer.

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Jennifer Aniston Metamorphosis

While the “Rachel” hairstyle is Jennifer Aniston’s most popular hairstyle, the actress changed her hair look a lot later on. Now the star has decided to put her thoughts back into her own transformations and In her social media, she showed pictures from years ago, she has different hairstyles. We see there, among other things, dark braids hidden under a baseball cap from the mid-’90s, a high ponytail from 2001’s “Rock Star”, blonde waves from “Marley & Me” from 2008, a bun with heavy fringe from the comedy​ ​”Dumpling” (2018), bright, long waves from the 2011 movie “Ana Na Nabi”, a mouse-colored bob from the 2014 indie drama “Cake”, the iconic “on Rachel” hairstyle, and a dark brown ponytail from 2011 From the comedy “Bosseseers”, and a recent shot from “The Morning Show”.

The actress encouraged netizens to tell them in the comments which hairstyle they like best. They wrote: “Rachel forever and ever”, ‘All’, ‘Don’t make us pick’, ‘It’s Rachel’s hair for sure’ or ‘No. 2! Rockstar’. And which one do you prefer more?

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