Henry Cavill admitted that he is even ready for 7 seasons, as long as Netflix will let him and will be willing to continue Geralt’s story.

Ahead of the first season of The Witcher premiere on Netflix, its model – Lauren S. Hissrich – said she had a plan ready for seven seasons of the series. What seemed crazy at the time is today an increasingly real vision.

The adventures of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer turned out to be a huge success. For a long time, The Witcher was the most popular series in Netflix history. It is not without reason that the site immediately requested a second or even third season. Henry Cavill is also ready to record more episodes, as he admitted in a recent interview.

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Will Witcher 7 seasons?

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter Henry Cavill, impersonator of the role of Geralt in the Netflix series, admitted that he is ready to record 7 seasons. However, he did set a condition. They should properly respect Andrzej Sapkowski’s work.

naturally. As long as we keep telling great stories that properly respect Sapkowski’s work.

– said Cavill answering a question about the series’ seven seasons.

Such an announcement might come as a surprise, because Henry Cavill is a very busy man at the moment. According to rumors, in May he negotiated his participation in the reboot of The Immortal, which was originally played by Christopher Lambert.

In addition, a sequel to Enoli Holmes is planned, in which Cavill will play Sherlock Holmes, as well as the spy thriller Argylle, which also stars the Witcher lover. Besides, fans claim his participation in the Marvel movie universe as Captain Britain, but this is already wishful thinking and so far there is no chance for that.

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Lauren S.Hissrich also revealed that Geralt will be more talkative in Season 2 of The Witcher.This is partly due to Ciri, who wishes to gain his trust. Premieres December 17 on Netflix.

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Text source: PCGamer, The Hollywood Reporter