Netflix Five years ago, he decided to introduce a feature he called “fast-forward” snapshots. “skip the introduction”. It often happened that fans of films or series wanted to immediately play the recording from a certain place, bypassing the beginning. The new feature works perfectly here.

– There was an idea to add skip forward and buttons Skip backwards at 10-second intervals. The reason for the 10-second hold was obvious: maybe you got distracted and missed a certain moment. But why jump 10 seconds forward? Well, you can skip the opening credits – this is how Netflix explains its most important features.

Research by Netflix found that before the Skip Intro button existed, users were manually skipping episodes 15 percent in the first five minutes. This reinforced the idea that many people might want to skip introductions to movies and series.

Netflix is ​​proud of this button ‘Skip Intro’ is clicked 136 million times a day, saving users 195 years of age. This shows how a seemingly simple job has turned out to be irreplaceable for many.

Interestingly, the button was only introduced in the web version in 2017 and It was limited to 250 series only In the US, UK and Canada (movies excluded). The button was only released on TV in August 2017, and in mobile apps in May 2018.

The skip button in a movie that redirects for a few seconds is nothing new. It has been available for a long time, for example on youtube. Although it has a slightly different function there, Google prides itself on being one of the most popular among users who often go back to certain material and bring it back with the intention of watching or showing specific scenes to their friends.

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