A lot of research has been done on the presenting and extroverted traits, and introverts themselves are not only interested in psychologists, but also in their friends and relatives. Secretive, mysterious and somewhat silent – this image is often the first association with this type of character. Contrary to appearances, an introvert is not at all lonely, doesn’t like spending time with people, but just needs his personal space to function healthy. An introvert can be a real surprise, because he has amazing superpowers.

Six reasons why it’s good to be an introvert

Research has shown that introverts need more time to process information than extroverts. However, this feature should not be treated as a disadvantage, it brings undoubted benefits to both the introvert and his environment. If you are an introvert, you have real superpowers.

1. You are an excellent listener

According to psychologists, introverts are masters of active listening. They have no problem focusing their attention and devoting it to someone else’s problems or questions. They don’t stop, they stay focused and don’t change the subject. Unlike extroverts, they analyze the statements of their interlocutors and do not subconsciously shift attention to themselves. Interestingly, introverts process information internally. This ability allows them to hear, understand and present a carefully considered view of a topic before responding to someone else’s words. Thanks to these qualities, a quiet introvert creates more valuable and lasting relationships more easily than the popular souls of the party.

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2. You will think before you say

Introverts choose their phrase words wisely, and they don’t react compulsively because they feel better listening than speaking. An introvert is not a talker who speaks three by three, he only speaks when he really has something to say. Under certain circumstances, this feature is not seen as an advantage – for example in the event of a dynamic change, for example in business conversations, but it is certainly a great feature that allows you to avoid unnecessary problems. Introverts don’t throw words to the wind and say things they aren’t sure of, they just give in for a moment.

This skill is also useful in the virtual world, according to specialists, online introverts do not react to motives or the phenomenon of sheep impulsivity. As a result, they are more effective on social media, less prone to reflexology and have a well-defined strategy.

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3. You are aware

In addition to excellent listening skills, introverts possess what would become the true superpower of any introvert – the ability to observe the world around them. Perception becomes an extremely rare trait in an excited and accelerating world. Introverts inevitably know what other people don’t know. While many people see introverts as simply silent, they actually attend meetings on a really committed level – they absorb all the information and have plenty of time and attention to criticize.

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Introverts read body language and facial expressions better, thanks to which, unlike appearances, they do not have any problems with interpersonal communication. They will also see the other introvert more easily and give them an appropriate and comfortable space while interacting.

4. You are a good friend

Introverts, being in the company of other people, spend their energy away, while extroverts acquire it – this fundamental difference makes introverts carefully choose who and how they spend their time. Introverts prefer to have a few trusted friends rather than a group of acquaintances. It’s fair to say that they are quite selective and choose who they let into their lives, but once they decide to take that step, it’s an important and well nurtured relationship. This trait makes introverts loyal, attentive and loyal friends that you can always count on.

5. You can love so much

Introverts need their own personal space to recharge their emotional and thinking batteries, but they can feel exactly the same needs in their partners. They understand the need for privacy and the value of certain boundaries, thanks to which they give the same in romantic relationships – they are less likely to fall into extreme behavior, communicate well and not engage in popular clichés. The traits that make introverts great listeners also make them great partners. Due to its characteristics, it is also seen as mysterious and therefore more attractive.

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6. You are a good leader

Introverts aren’t just good friends, partners, or listeners. All of their qualities make them great leaders. It has long been known that the best leader is not the one who shouts the loudest. The natural benefits of an introvert make him a stable, honest, and insightful person. An introvert also doesn’t run the risk of being negatively affected by their power, because they don’t feel the need for admiration and praise. He does not take credit for the achievements of others, and most of all he promotes and develops his team.

According to psychologists, an introverted manager can learn more from his subordinates and manage employees better – all thanks to slower and more prudent information processing. An introverted leader supports his subordinates in their development and thus improves their performance.

source: time.com