Fantasy movie and detective story in the Zdrój cinema in a bus.

Pinocchio France / Great Britain / Italy, allowed from 7 years old, Fantasia, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 4 pm One day a good carpenter named Geppetto falls in my hand to a piece of wood. From the start, the man feels that there is some magical power hidden in this seemingly inanimate object. He decided to make a boy out of it. The shape he created unexpectedly comes to life – he can talk, laugh, jump and run. Gibeto Pinocchio calls him and begins to take care of him as if he were his son. The wooden boy is so fascinated by the world around him that he can see him for the first time that he stops listening to his parent’s good advice. Out of curiosity, Pinocchio embarks on a journey filled with adventures, dangers, and life lessons. On his way, he meets a magic fairy, a giant snail, animals that speak a human voice, and even visits the belly of a huge whale. Geppetto stems from anxiety in his footsteps. This trip will change their lives forever.

Knights of Justice Denmark, they were allowed 15 years ago, crime / action, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 7 pm Marcus (Mads Mikkelsen) back from a military mission to care for his daughter Mathilde after his wife died in a train accident. Everything points to a minor accident, even Otto knocked on his door – a mathematician, one of the survivors of the accident. Otto and two of his eccentric friends convince Marcus that the train crash was a carefully planned attack. When they manage to gather evidence, only one thing remains: revenge! Tied to a common goal, they will stop at nothing, even if it includes crossing the thin line between the truth and what is just an identical piece of the puzzle.

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