Netflix didn’t just leave Fast Laughs comedy on phones. Now, short clips and clips from funny series They also appear on TVs. Whenever we want to use this feature, we’ll get a whole series of these videos – and if we decide we like something, we can always watch the entire program or add it to our watch list.

Currently, this feature is slowly appearing in English-speaking countries, such as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Soon, however, the rollout should extend to other countries, including the European. A quick laugh is, on the one hand, something like TikTok, that is In theory, it’s for phonesOn the other hand, it can find itself on TVs as part of something like the quick “Discover” function.

Photo: Netflix

When it comes to Netflix, the company is under attack again and makes joint accounts in Poland – it’s started Another wave of warnings and blockades. Good news for fans of the game too – soon we will be able to see a movie based on the production of “Bioshock”. Currently, Netflix has started working with Take-Two.