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Audi City Gdańsk is another completely unorthodox spot on the Tri-City motoring map. It’s the kind of lounge where the Plichta dealer is flexing his muscles and showing off the best of what Audi currently has on display. A private showroom has opened on the ground floor of the modern Wave office building in The. 347a map.

This is Plichta Group’s fourth Audi showroom in Tricity, but the first of its kind, arranged in an office space. It was established in the dynamically developing business segment of Gdańsk, in al. Grunwaldzka, from an automotive point of view, is a Tri-City area for car dealers.

The Audi City is the German manufacturer’s first variant, which has just been implemented in various locations around the world. There are currently nine of them, including three in Poland: in Warsaw, Bük and Gdansk.

Audi City Gdańsk is located on the ground floor of the Wave Building in Oliwa. The showroom’s minimalist interior combined with the latest showroom technology and unusual cars makes this your favorite spot at first sight. Our experts will answer all your questions very carefully and help you create the car of your dreams. Today I can invite you to watch the latest model Audi A8, because in our showroom it will be hosted over the next few weeks – encourage Paweł Niecikowskihead of sales in the city of Audi Gdansk.
The showroom, with an area of ​​less than 350 square metres, is not that intimate, as it can accommodate up to 10 show cars – new, but also used from Audi Select Plus. Most importantly, the facility only offers car sales, no service.

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The city center, the business environment, as well as the modern interior of the showroom make this place a permanent place on the auto map of Tri-City. It is a space where we provide all the news, organize meetings and test drives with clients. Thanks to the intimate atmosphere, we are able to provide the highest quality of service to each client – he says Andrei ZawadzkyGeneral Manager of the Audi brand.
The R8 model is the showcase for the Audi City Gdańsk showroom, and customers can also watch live broadcasts, among other things, for several days. The latest version of the flagship limousine – the A8.

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