Today is Friday 12th March 2021, here’s what you need to know:

It was nice and fun to share passwords for streaming platforms. However, since users forget who has the password, it can be difficult to ensure that your account is real and only yours. Netflix, a global streaming service for television, movies and short films, aims to solve this problem with an in-depth verification system.

The test is designed like any other verification code system but requires the user to access a registered email address to enter a code. If the required verification code is not entered within the allotted time, the user will not be able to broadcast the content and will be directed to create his own account.

Currently, the test is only valid for a small number of users who directly use the Netflix TV app, and not for all Netflix TV users worldwide. The streaming service had 200 million users last month, but password sharing is increasing as the number of users grows, including sites that you may not be welcome to with your account.

If testing is available to a large number of people, current broadcast plans may need to be adapted to families with unusual orientations to prevent them from living under the same roof. The platform has shown an interest in blocking passwords, but it has been actively looking for ways to enforce this action.

News from Post office::

The bobcat students are personally oriented, but the groups look very different. ((Post office)

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Forever OHIO was launched in 2021 for students and alumni. This is a day in the life of OHIO alumni. ((Post office)

OU Reach and Legacy art galleries work together to highlight digital art in the Athenian community. ((Post office)

Athens weather

The sun came and went. Today the maximum is 63 degrees, the skies are overcast and the possibility of rain. ((Courtesy of Scalia Lab)

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