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Nord Stream 2. When you don’t know what’s going on, it’s about money? not always. “It’s a trap” [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

Anthony Blinken statedPresident Joe Biden believes the project Nord Stream 2 It is unfavorable for Germany, Ukraine and the partners United States of America In Eastern Europe. The Secretary of State informed that the US government is monitoring activities aimed at completing Nord Stream 2 and analyzing the activity of companies participating in the project.

Why does Germany want Nord Stream 2? “Many politicians believe that Russia should not be isolated.”

Blinken: Nord Stream 2 is a Russian geopolitical project

Successive American governments have recognized Gas tube Regarding the Russian geopolitical project that aims to divide Europe and weaken European energy security, Blinken said, recalling that the penal laws against Nord Stream 2 had been passed in Congress with the support of both political parties.

“The Biden government intends to comply with the law,” said Anthony Blinken. The head of US diplomacy has warned entities involved in the Nord Stream 2 project of the dangers of US sanctions and urged them to abandon immediately. wash When building a gas pipeline.

Main meeting Germany and RussiaMorawiecki to Germany’s President: Nord Stream 2 is not compensation

Nord Stream 2 is an economic project of Germany

Nord Stream 2 is nearing completion, despite protests from Poland and the other Baltic countries. US sanctions have stopped construction of the pipeline for only a short period. However, for German authorities, Nord Stream 2 is a purely economic project.

According to the European Commission, only Germany It may stop working in the pipeline. However, the German authorities are interested in completing the project.

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