Spotify is partnering with Netflix to provide music service users with a new section dedicated to series and movies from the popular VOD platform. It gives you quick access to soundtracks and playlists inspired by Netflix productions and podcasts.

The two most popular streaming services are expanding their collaboration. As Spotify representatives say, two weeks after the premiere of Squid Game on Netflix, users have created more than 22,000 playlists inspired by the Korean series. This tempted the two companies to launch a new section on Spotify, where fans of movies and series from the VOD library will have easy and convenient access to audio material: tracks, playlists, podcasts and exclusive content. You can see that this is just the beginning. Currently, it lacks some albums and playlists that can be searched on Spotify. I suspect it is only a matter of time and will be resolved in the coming days or weeks.

Although officially Netflix Center On Spotify, it is only available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland and India, so you can easily use the new section in Poland. Contains albums of the most famous movies and series. Including premieres like “Cowboy Bebop,” “Red Notice,” and “tick, tick… BOOM!” Or hit productions like the aforementioned series “Squid Game”, “The Crown”, “Narcos”, “House of Paper” and many others.

The Netflix Hub also has official playlists of songs from and inspired by series and movies. Among the lists you will find, among others, music and songs inspired by the third season of “Stranger Things”, songs from “Paper House” or “Outer Banks”. In the new spot dedicated to Netflix productions on Spotify, there could also be podcasts created by the platform. New episodes of “Okay, Now Listen,” “Netflix Is A Daily Joke,” or the official “The Crown” podcast are available.

Netflix Center for Spotify. More music and podcasts from movies and series

As part of the Netflix Hub on Spotify, a special extended version of the soundtrack for the new movie “Revenge of the Gunslinger” has been created. Jay-Z is responsible for producing the soundtrack. Lauren Hill, Jadakiss, Kid Cody, and Kofi. In the expanded version of the album, there are comments from artists and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that reveal more about the work on the music. In the Hub you will also find additional material from Part Two Last season of “Paper House”. In addition to interviews with the actors and trailers, official playlists have been made available, including playlists inspired by the heroes of the Spanish series.

By the way, I would like to remind you that Spotify recently announced that the lyrics have been restored to their website. They are displayed in real time when songs are playing. When we wrote about the return of the job, this job was not yet working in Poland. I can now confirm that it is now available both in mobile apps and on PC – in a browser and a dedicated app. Look for the microphone icon in the toolbar along with queue, device connections, and volume.

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