Virgin Galactic carried out its first commercial mission to space this summer. The company is currently preparing for flights that will start next year. The cost of one place on the ship reaches 450 thousand. Gap. (about 1.875 million PLN). while Keisha S. will. and an accompanying person on the trip, free of charge.

Keisha S. has been announced the winner of a competition organized by Virgin Galactic and the charity platform Omaze. Won two seats on the VSS Unity ship for a total value 900 tys. Countries. (about 3.75 million PLN). The winner plans to go to space with her daughter, who is studying astrophysics.

Virgin Galactic plans to start commercial flights in the last quarter of 2022. These flights were initially planned ahead of time, but the company needs more time to inspect the ship and conduct the necessary tests before traveling with humans.

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