– It is impossible to maximize the economic and natural function of the forest at the same place and time – said the forest biologist in an interview with Zielona Interia the professor. Doctor Hub. NS. Bogdan Jaruzevic, Head of the Biaowiea Geobotanical Station of the University of Warsaw, and Deputy Director of the Biaowiea National Park in 2000-2005.

In his opinion, cutting down trees and protecting nature in the same area, at the same time, They cannot go hand in hand. However, this is what state forests do multifunctional economy – harvesting timber for the purpose of its economic use (and not harvesting which is a side effect, for example, maintenance treatments), while trying to maintain a certain natural and social value of the forest area. However, according to prof. Jaroszewicz, such an approach to forest areas is not only internally contradictory, but also externally contrary to Article 7 of the Forest Code “where timber production is included within the objectives of forest management”.

– (…) Much higher we have protection of natural forests, biodiversity, soil, water, etc. – the expert told us.

So what is the alternative? According to the professor. Jaroszewicz is to separate the most valuable forests and stop managing their forests, focusing on economic activity in the remaining forest areas.

– The amount of wood we get on the Polish scale is just over 70 percent. The so-called annual increase. This is more than 20 percent. Wood biomass, which grows annually in Poland, anyway stay in the woods. Excluding the most valuable forests from the harvest shouldn’t affect the amount of timber harvested – he explained in an interview with Zielona Interia.

As Jaroszewicz pointed out, before the function of timber harvesting in law, we have not only the function of protecting nature, but also a social function, that is, the preservation of forests in such a form that they constitute a place of recreation for citizens. Maintaining this type of forest area function is one of the goals of the National Forest Creation Project by the Natural Heritage Foundation. National Forest It will protect at least 20 percent. The forest areas of the state, which perform a social and natural function, are against economic overexploitation. In addition, the community itself participates in the process of forming the boundaries of national forests.

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