More and more research and development projects are related to artificial intelligence. In recent years, the increase has been fivefold – Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, director of the National Center for Research and Development Wojciech Kamenecki. He adds, the defense innovation budget is also increasing.

In an interview with the National Research and Development Center, the Director of the National Research and Development Center stated that this year’s budget for co-financing for innovation is PLN 7.1 billion, of which about PLN 1 billion are domestic funds, and the rest are European funds.

“Next year, the budget will reach 7.7 billion PLN. And we will have more funds, including defense-related projects. The Minister of National Defense has decided to increase the total funds for this purpose by PLN 100 million, so we will support the Polish army “- said Kamieniecki.

He emphasized that the National Statistics Center already has experience in this matter, and that the police, the Internal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Agency are also involved in the aforementioned set of projects. “The cooperation allows using the innovative potential of Polish companies and universities to develop and modernize the Polish army. This positive challenge for both the center and the Ministry of National Defense mobilizes both sides,” he added.

Kameniki noted that innovation is the engine of development and building a competitive advantage. He noted that it concerns, for example, information systems and algorithms that “will allow the rational use of electricity obtained from renewable energy sources or the efficient management of energy groups that include different types of energy production and storage.”

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He noted that in the past five years, the share of algorithms and artificial intelligence in applications has increased fivefold. “A greater leap has been made in the field of neural networks on which self-learning mechanisms depend. Here, the increase compared to 2016 is about 16 times” – confirmed the Director of the National Center for Research and Development.

When asked about the funds for energy conversion, Kameniki noted that under the Fast Track, where entrepreneurs submit any research, projects worth up to 50 million euros can be funded.

As he said, this is one of the financing options for projects related to energy conversion. He noted that the strategic program “New Energy Technologies” with a budget of PLN 380 million was recently announced.

He added that there, one could obtain financing for innovative solutions in the field of photovoltaics, offshore and onshore wind farms, or in the production and use of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

“We are also open to energy storage projects, which we anticipate will be one of the most important issues in the near future. We operate nine pro-environment initiatives in the form of innovative public procurement with a total budget of PLN 210 million from European funds. Among others, biogas plants Innovative, sewage treatment plants, heating plants and combined heating and power plants “- said Kameniki. (PAP)

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