The Japanese are not waiting for the big events to present players with the new Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball: The Breakers has just been announced – the title will debut on consoles and PC next year. Watch the trailer.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is the latest production of Bandai Namco, which will allow players to play the role of famous heroes. However, the creators do not focus on fantasy experiences, but offer – asymmetric network gameplay.

In recent years, online horror movies have become popular, in which a group of players have to face a single killer, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers offers similar gameplay. The daredevils will now escape from Komórczak, Freezer and Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Coming Next Year The title will carry over to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. However, the studio wants to gather feedback from the community, and beta testing is expected soon.

This is undoubtedly an unusual proposal, but as you can see, the Japanese decided to develop intellectual property in an unusual way. I’m not sure if the game can be a success, but it’s definitely worth checking out some parts of the game.