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NASA has sent supplies to the International Space Station and … a biscuit oven

Starliner is a Boeing manned capsule that will provide future astronauts, includingat. To the International Space Station (ISS). For now, he’s in the testing phase, but he may soon have his first crew member Flight.

However, Boeing has been working on the Starliner for several years Work He postponed the largely unsuccessful capsule test in December 2019. A reminder, as part of an unmanned test mission, the Starliner flew into space, but entered the wrong orbit and did not reach the International Space Station (it was finally brought safely to Earth). A later NASA report found a number of mistakes Boeing engineers made.

Boeing and NASA simulated the Starliner flight

Boeing took NASA’s recommendations seriously and prepared the capsule for retesting. The company, in conjunction with the US Space Agency, recently conducted a test of its dress before another (still an experimental) flight into space.

Computer simulation performed in Boeing’s Avionics and Software Integration Lab (ASIL). Flight Starliner to the International Space Station. The operation had already started 26 hours earlier and included take-off, arrival at the International Space Station, docking, as well as the landing and landing on Earth later. The operation of each component was examined in detail and simulations were performed in full accordance with actual NASA procedures. Preparations for this event have been going on for several months.

Bob Dempsey and Edward Van Sees, Director of Starliner Programs, is a computer simulation flight capsule come in. Boeing

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The entire process – although carried out by Boeing – was overseen by NASA. NASA astronauts Barry Wilmer and Mike Fink also personally monitored the systems’ operation during the simulation. Together with astronaut Nicole Mann, they will be the first to fly to the International Space Station with a Starliner.

I feel there is a deep passion in the NASA and Boeing spaceflight team and doing whatever it takes to make the mission a success. I am happy to be on this team

Mike Fink said.

As expected, Boeing’s modifications helped, and the whole experience was a complete success. Therefore, NASA announced its readiness to retest the flight to the International Space Station. The agency had set the launch date for July 30, 2021.

Starliner is Dragon’s only competitor

Both Boeing and NASA want the Starliner to begin manned spaceflight as soon as possible. When this happens, the Boeing vehicle will be the main (or, in fact, the only) competitor to SpaceX’s Dragon capsule that SpaceX is making for billionaire Elon Musk.

For some time now, he took this crew to the International Space Station (and back). On April 23, the third manned flight (but the second as part of a regular mission) took place, during which four astronauts entered the International Space Station. For the first time, it used the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket and capsule, which was also previously in space.