The English took all possible measures to persuade UEFA to transfer the Champions League final from Istanbul to England. Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson got into the game, making an appeal to the European Union.

The Manchester City and Chelsea London match is scheduled to take place on May 29 in Istanbul.

The English Football Association submitted the same request to the European authorities.

Johnson was quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying, “It would be great to have a match like this. I’d like to help the fans from both clubs to see their teams in such an important match.”

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in Turkey, Great Britain put this country on a so-called red leaf. This means that all travelers from this country to the islands must be subject to a two-week quarantine at their own expense in one of the designated hotels.

She responded to DPA’s query to UEFA: “We need some time to make some decisions.”

In turn, British Transport Minister Grant Shaps indicated that matches are already being held in England with the participation of the public.

“We are open to holding the Champions League final, but this is the decision of UEFA,” he said.

It is not known where this match will be played. The Aston Villa Birmingham facility is shown in the media.

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A few days ago, UEFA confirmed that it wanted the final match to be held in Istanbul.

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