The US space agency NASA has published a unique image showing the active center of our galaxy.

The image was created thanks to 370 notesTaken by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which has been orbiting in the past two decades. The image was also contrasted by the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, located in South Africa.

In the photo we can see, among other things Billions of stars and black holesWhich lies in the heart of the Milky Way. NASA knows the picture as it Giant data mosaic.

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Astronomer Daniel Wang of the University of Massachusetts Amherst admitted it He worked on the photo for a year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he spent a lot of time at home at that time.

What we see in the image is a strong or active ecosystem at the center of our galaxy Wang said.

There are many remnants of supernovae, black holes, and neutron stars. Each point or feature of the X-ray represents a source of energy, most of which is located in the center – added.

The galaxy is exploding with energy The center of the Milky Way is located 26,000 light years from Earth.


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