The United States joins Europe and takes serious steps toward Belarus.

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Arlukovich: The people who fight for democracy in Belarus cannot be left alone

Conflict between the USA and Belarus. The United States is resuming sanctions

The United States joins Europe and takes retaliatory measures against Belarus. These include sanctions on Belarusian state-owned companies and high-ranking representatives of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, as well as the suspension of the agreement. United States of AmericaBelarus About Air Traffic Services. Jin Psaki announced that the sanctions would likely be extended.

The United States condemns the arrest of the Belarusian journalist. ‘We demand release’

The blogger’s arrest was a flash point. The United States wants to agree to the investigation

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki called for a forced landing Minsk Ryanair’s machines and the arrest of Belarusian journalist and activist Roman Pratasevic “a direct affront to international standards.” She indicated that the incident occurred at a time of increasing repression by the Lukashenka regime against a nation calling for democracy and human rights.

Psaki also announced that Washington would seek to take more joint steps against Minsk in NATO, the European Union, the Group of Seven and the International Civil Aviation Organization. In addition to the suspension of the 2019 Air Traffic Services Agreement, the United States will restore full sanctions against nine state-owned companies in Belarus and, in coordination with the European Union, prepare a list of government officials in Lukashenka who will be subject to sanctions. .

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Furthermore, Jin called Saki Lukashenka Agree to an international investigation into the forced landing of planes, release all political prisoners and enter into full political dialogue with the democratic opposition, including holding free and fair presidential elections.

Alexander Lukashenka, President of BelarusRelations between the European Union and Belarus. Expert: Punishments are tangible in the end

Suspending air traffic can damage the system the most. Union leaders decided to ban Lots Traveling between the European Union and Belarus, Brussels also plans to impose economic sanctions on Minsk. The head of the German Foreign Ministry stressed that this time for the European Union, lenient sanctions will not be enough.