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NASA’s spacecraft has landed on the surface of Mars and transmitted the first images from its surface

Until now, NASA’s former spacecraft, Curiosity, has been known mainly from similar selfies. A few days ago, NASA published a very detailed photo of this 9-year-old vehicle. However, it turns out that newfound tenacity can also take a selfie.

Perseverance takes self-portraits, creativity is in frame

The image, released by NASA on Wednesday, is a combination of 62 images that Perseverance took on April 6 using the WATSON tool. It is a camera mounted on the rover’s robotic arm, and the vehicle can move freely.

The photo does not include the autonomous drone located approximately 4 meters away. This week, the helicopter was disconnected from the rover and planted on Mars (previously attached to the persistent landing gear). The photo shows that the drone is ready to take off Flight.

Drone with tenacity on Mars come in. NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

NASA is planning for that pristine a lot Creativity will be held no later than Sunday, April 11 (initially it was supposed to be April 8). The exact date and time of take-off will depend mainly on the weather conditions that will prevail on Mars at any time.

During the first flight, the pilot helicopter is scheduled to rise to a height of 3 meters and hover for a maximum of 30 seconds. Meanwhile, he will take photos to show whether the whole process went according to plan. In this way, NASA wants to verify if crane flights on Mars are ever possible.

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