In creating the Nadolnik Compact Apartments investment, the developer designed additional amenities that provide tenants with an everyday convenience. The commercial and service facilities, student conference rooms and entertainment venues constitute the added value of the project implemented at ul. Nadolnik in Poznan.

Nadolnik Compact Apartments is a development investment that will involve the construction of more than 1000 smart apartments of various sizes ranging from 19 to 41 square meters. The first phase consisting of 213 units has been completed and handed over to the owners. The second phase is currently under construction. A smart apartment is a place that has a functional kitchenette, bathroom and living space. There will be a place, for example, to relax or work remotely. The stylish apartments at Nadolnik have terraces or balconies – some overlook the park. The offer also includes a larger area with a mezzanine. This space can be used as a bedroom. Prices start from net PLN 111,150, and the developer also offers ready-made finishing. Each smart apartment will be the first place of residence for the individual client (students, alumni, and self-employed) and business client – it will replace the hotel room, as it provides great opportunities and freedom. Nadolnik Compact apartments are also chosen by investors – it is worth investing capital and making money from rent with a guaranteed rate of return.

For all of these customer groups, not only is the build standard that matters, but also all the amenities. They make life easier, save time and money, and increase the attractiveness of real estate. – When making investments, our concepts must always be in line with buyers’ expectations and needs. We pick the best locations, while creating additional benefits for each project – says Karolina Skrzypek of Grupa Partner Sales Office. The Nadolnik Compact Apartments investment will be comprehensively implemented, which means that there will be sidewalks between the individual buildings, landscapes and stadiums.

In the compact Nadolnik apartments, there will be a modern pub, restaurants, service buildings, conference rooms, and even an outdoor barbecue and meeting place. This space was planned in the second phase of the investment. – All this will allow you to do many things at once, and it will also allow you to spend your free time in a fun way, including entertainment. Young people are among the buyers of smart apartments, so they will definitely appreciate these amenities. You could say that Nadolnik will be a small city with everything you need to live. And all of this in the vicinity of Kansas Park. Tadeusz Kirschke, who recently underwent full activation – Karolina Skrzypek from Grupa Partner Sales Office explains. Investment clients can count on other amenities. It is possible to provide operator sponsorship, Rent Nadolnik compact apartments, which guarantee finding a tenant, taking care of all payments, and above all – the annual rate of return. – Customers appreciate the comprehensive service from A to Z, and our company, Rent Nadolnik, responds to this request – says the representative of the developer. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing that more investment work is in progress. The first floor of the apartment is already under construction, the building elements are being cast and the outer walls are being erected. This means that the second phase of the investment will be ready next year. To date, more than 70 buildings have found their buyers.

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