Even the aforementioned two mocked One Sport’s picks. However, one cannot be surprised by her, since it can be assumed in advance that one of the two will have his chance at the European Championship. Musielak and Gomólski both represent a very high level at the back of the PGE Ekstraliga. After all, Musielak is currently the best player in the entire league in terms of average starting point. Unfortunately, many fans are definitely bitter by this fact.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that One Sport awarded wild card to Piotr Pawlicki, who looks very unequal in the PGE Ekstraliga. Musilak tagged Jomolsky on Twitter, and a rich man succinctly commented, “Laughter in the room.” A few hours later, a Leszno resident deleted the entry, but watchful observers took a screenshot.

Photo: Twitter

Tobiasz Musielak and Kacper Gomólski commented on the wild cards on SEC on Twitter

Oliver Bernitzon has also made no secret of his displeasure. The Swede was removed by the One Sport authorities. He also briefly referred to the day’s decisions made by Polish activists on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

Oliver Bernitzon briefly commented on the One Sport election

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One of Sportu’s decisions by Wadim Tarasienko, who, along with Musielak, tops the eWinner LŻ.1 players. – I was quietly counting on a wild card, but clinging to the fact that I had a chance to upgrade and hadn’t used it – Tarasenko commented to us.

One Sport has always wanted to include players from as many countries as possible in the SEC. Therefore, we have up to 9 different nationalities out of 15 players. Let’s remember that Piotr Pawlicki received the Wild Card, among other things, which for him marked the beginning of his return to the Grand Prix tournament. Patrick Duddick, Pardubice SEC Challenge winner, is on the same track and is the favorite to win the entire tournament.

Speedway Euro Championship 2021 Start List:

1 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain)

2 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)

Mikel Michelsen (Denmark)

4 – Bartosz Smekta (Poland)

5 – Nikki Pedersen (Denmark)

6 – Patrick Dudek (Poland)

7- Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)

8 – Sergey Logachev (Russia)

9 – Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)

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10 – Patrick Hansen (Denmark)

11 – Timo Lahti (Finland)

12 – Kai Hockenbeek (Germany)

13 – Piotr Pawliki (Poland)

14 – David Bellego (France)

15 Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic)