Nowadays Oxygen Around 21 percent. Earth’s atmosphere. This makes it ideal for large and complex organisms (like us) that need oxygen to survive. However, in the first stage of Earth’s existence, its level was much lower and in the distant future it will likely return to this state – we read on the portal newscientist.comWho gave the latest search results Scholars.

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“Mating has 2000 people. The air there is worse than it is in London.”

Scientists have created models that predict how conditions on Earth will change

Kazumi Ozaki of Toho University in Funabashi, Japan, and Chris Reinhard of Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta were responsible for discovering the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. They created climatic, biological and geological models LandTo predict how the weather will change.

A drop in carbon dioxide emissions thanks to a temporary pandemic. Exceed the level of 2019.

“We found that Earth’s oxygenated atmosphere would not be a permanent component,” said Ozaki. According to experts, the level of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere will remain at the current level for a billion years. Later, it will return to the state it was in 2.4 billion years ago. How much will the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decrease? “We’re talking about a million times less oxygen than it is today,” Reinhard says. In addition, it will coincide with an increase in the amount of methane in the atmosphere (10,000 times more than now).

In a billion years, life will end on Earth. The cause of the aging of the sun

Scientists cite the aging of the Sun as the main cause of such drastic changes in the atmosphere. It will heat up and release more energy, resulting in less carbon dioxide wêgla In the atmosphere. According to the researchers, after changes in the atmosphere on Earth, as well as in water, only microbes will survive.

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