The editors of PSX Extreme want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the magazine, and at the same time 300 issues of Szmatławiec, so they have prepared a unique offer for their readers. Those interested can purchase “PSX Extreme Number Zero”.

The editors of PSX Extreme have started pre-sales for a special issue of PSX Extreme, which will be available to fans at the end of August – a unique offering prepared for the magazine’s 25th anniversary.

The team, led by Roger, filled 100 pages with sensational journalism on the topic of, among other things, the first PlayStation, but among the texts there were also proposals reminiscent of the 90s – Content created by past and present PSX Extreme editors.

You will read about hacking, neighborhood games, famous cathode ray tube TVs, 60Hz gaming, ‘fairy tales’ from Polonia 1, renting VHS tapes and ‘Karate’ movies, but you’ll also see screenshots from 1996 and find out what Graphics offered at the time via computers. Plus, 28 reviews of first PlayStation games that have never been posted here before and a flood of flavors for fans of the magazine. We had unspeakable fun making this issue and set us back 25 years. You’ll feel the same Feeling! “

The PSX Extreme Special Edition won’t go to kiosks and can currently only be ordered through Allegro – and the editors confirm it’s a “one-time collector’s project for fans of the magazine and vintage”.

Currently, pre-sale is underway at PLN 19.90And the Any surplus in distribution will go to the PSX digital store and during this time those interested will pay 29.90 PLN for the magazine. In this case, the editorial office does not guarantee availability.

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PSX ZERO magazine receives for free:

  • Active patrons who in the campaign have supported or will support our warehouse until August 5, 2022 in a total amount of PLN 100 (regardless of the specified support limit) and/or
  • Posted in work

However, all PSX ZERO customers will receive a high-quality “I love PSX” sticker, which you can throw, for example, on a smartphone or laptop.