ClickMeeting summed up last year to give us a report indicating that more than half of Poles claim hybrid science is the best. How do you say?

Coming back to ClickMeeting, it is worth noting that it is a Polish platform that allows the implementation of webinars, distance learning and training. Now let’s move on to the report prepared by the company. The result is unlikely to surprise anyone. About 56 percent of respondents said that even after the pandemic, distance learning should be used, albeit in a hybrid variant. Perhaps the students will be very happy with such a solution. We all know what education looks like now, whether we are talking about primary, secondary or higher education. I don’t even mean everyday activities, like exams, quizzes, etc.

Distance learning has many drawbacks. However, would blended learning be a better solution?

The report by ClickMeeting clearly indicates that Poles realize that distance learning has a very negative impact on building relationships with their peers. It seems to me, though I may be wrong, that after staying at home for so long, young people will find it difficult to make friends. An online conversation looks very different from a “live” one. This is not one problem with distance learning. The students had trouble concentrating and even distracted themselves, which was confirmed by the numerous recordings that “circulated” on the Internet. It did not help in gaining knowledge at all.

I was surprised that only 24 percent of Poles are completely against distance education only. In my opinion, when the pandemic is over, everyone should go back to “normal”, that is, meetings in offices, schools and colleges. In any case, as I mentioned earlier in the title of this article, up to 56 percent of people suggest that the ideal solution would be blended teaching, which would combine distance learning with those that would be held in full-time mode. I do not hide, I personally do not like this idea. In this case, we will not get rid of the disadvantages of distance learning that were mentioned in the report.

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ClickMeeting Report – Which Features Are Used The Most?

It would come as no surprise that presentation, photo sharing, interactive whiteboard functionality, and YouTube content sharing are the most used. ClickMeeting users also had the opportunity to use the Survey and Test functionality. The development of technology related to learning and remote work clearly confirms that e-learning is no longer an alternative or an emergency measure. Two years were enough for us to get used to such a solution, which in some cases is very convenient. Remember, however, that they will not replace real “live” conversations.

More than half of Poles claim that the hybrid flag is the best.  And you.  ClickMeeting Report

The entire ClickMeeting report titled State of Online Events 2021 can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website by clicking ten Link.