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Distance learning is a huge challenge for many students and parents. As it turns out, the government may not stop at new restrictions, such as increasing restrictions in public places. As the media has found out, it is very possible for unvaccinated children to learn online.

Distance learning for unvaccinated children? It is possible! On December 7, additional restrictions were announced to reduce the number of new cases of Covid-19. The limits have been reduced to 30 percent. Occupancy, mandatory tests have been introduced for family members infected with the Coronavirus, or it was also decided to close discos, clubs and other places where there is a place to dance from December 15. Information was also provided on the introduction of compulsory vaccinations for some occupational groups. According to Onet, more restrictions can be expected soon. According to the results of the portal, there are more and more supporters of the introduction of distance learning for unvaccinated children. Such a scenario was to be considered in the event of a pandemic outbreak in the spring or from the next school year.

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It’s not just distance learning for the unvaccinated

What else is the government planning? Onet’s findings show that the introduction of Covid passports is taken into account, which will allow entry to public places or use of public transport with a high level of hospitalization. Another idea is to introduce compulsory vaccinations not only for doctors, uniformed workers or teachers, but to extend them to new occupations. But for now, it is not known if the restrictions will actually take effect.

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Do you like the idea of ​​distance learning for unvaccinated children?

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