Mophie is one of the oldest names in the business when it comes to smartphone battery packs, but its latest release adds a new twist to the approach. Instead of a battery cover that can only be used with one phone, New Juice Package It uses a modular system to clip a battery pack onto the back of your phone, where it can be charged wirelessly.

It is an innovative solution that solves a lot of problems related to both the custom battery cases and the most modern Qi battery packs. Juice Pack Connect basically works with any phone that supports wireless charging, not just one device. The clamp mechanism allows Qi charging to be used even on the go, without resorting to solutions such as a strange sticky matrix to keep the charger and phone together.

Plus, the Mophie’s system is modular, so if the installed battery dies, you can just slide on another Mophie’s package and keep charging. There’s also potential for future expansion here: the company is already including a phone grip holder that can connect to the main anchor point when you’re not charging, and it’s easy to imagine other products could be launched that take advantage of the setup, too.

The battery pack itself features a 5000 mAh battery and provides USB-C port and Qi support, both of which can be used to either recharge Juice Pack Connect or to charge a second device. Mophie doesn’t mention the kind of wattage Juice Pack Connect offers in terms of charging speeds.

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The other big problem with Juice Pack Connect is the price of $ 79.95 – which is an exorbitant price to pay for USB-C 20000mAh battery Pack these days, well under 5,000 mAh.