The Italian competition started with the trial of Sottozero The Monza Legacy, 4.3 km long. It was the shortest stage of the march, to warm up nearly 70 km before the rehearsal scheduled for Friday. Kajetanowicz and Szczepaniak score for the sixth time in WRC 3 class, but the differences between the contenders are only seconds. The Poles have a good starting position to attack tomorrow.

– The first special stage of the Monza Rally is behind us. It was short, but in such attempts, one wrong angle could be a huge loss. We did manage to drive really well, even though it was the first asphalt extension in this car. It will be a very difficult round of the tournament. Here we have not only asphalt, but also a lot of gravel and mud, which do not usually happen on a racetrack. On Saturday we move to the sections in the Alps, which rise more than 1,300 meters above sea level. There can be a lot of snow in the uppers. So we will have all possible conditions. Kajetan Kajetanowicz said after the first try, the fight is going to be really fun and that’s why I’m so happy to be here.

On Friday, the competitors will face stages on the Formula 1 track, which will be SS 2/3 Scorpion (13.43 km, 7:58 am, 10:08 am), SS 4/5 Centurato (16.22 km, 7:58 am and 10:08 am). A.m). 12:38 and 15:08). Friday’s trip with the SS 6 PZero Grand Prix will end after dark (10.31km, 17:38). The next two phases are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

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Kajetan Kajetanowicz’s beginnings are supported by LOTOS Rally Team Strategic Partner – Grupa LOTOS, as well as Delphi Technologies, Driving Experience and Pirelli.

Monza Rally 2020 – Unofficial WRC Ranking 3 after SS 1:

1. Huttunen / Lukka (Finland, Hyundai i20 R5) 3: 37.3 seconds
2. Mikkelsen / Jæger (Norway, koda Fabia Rally2 evo) +0.7 p
3. Solberg / Johnston (Sweden / Ireland, Skoda Fabia Rally2 evo) +1.6 seconds
4. Roussel / Falkrand (France, Citroen C3 R5) +2.4 seconds
5. SCANDOLA / DIMORE (Italy, Hyundai i20 R5) +2.8 s
6. Kajetanowicz / Szczepaniak (Poland, koda Fabia Rally2 evo) +3.0 seconds
7. Lindholm / Korhonen (Findlandia, Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo) +3.4 seconds
8. Polacia Wilkinson / Der Ohannessian (Bolivia / Argentina, Citroen C3 R5) +6.4 seconds
9. Monster / Lucca (Luxembourg / Belgium, Hyundai i20 R5) +6.4 seconds
10. McErlean / Williams (Ireland / UK, Hyundai i20 R5) +10.1 seconds

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