– welcome back. Netanyahu said how I got home, welcoming the former spy. He assured him that in Israel he could start a new life “in freedom and happiness.” According to the prime minister’s statement released Wednesday morning, Pollard replied that he was excited to return home after 35 years and thanked Netanyahu. In the posted video, you can watch Pollard kiss the ground after exiting the plane.

Pollard, 66, a former CIA analyst, was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for passing military secrets to Israel. In November 2015, Pollard was released from Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina, where he served his sentence, and moved to New York City. In November this year. The five-year period of parole has expiredThese included being in certain areas of the city, wearing an electronic ankle bracelet all the time, curfews, and constantly monitoring his computers. He was also not allowed to speak to journalists.